We are pleased to have the support of our long-established partner Africa’s Gift in our fundraising efforts. If you wish to support the MDT using a credit card, please click here (or on the button below). A tested and reliable system is in place to ensure all contributions made via credit card reach the MDT. Thank you to Ken and his team for standing with us in solidarity.

FUNDS required

We need funding for:

Food parcels: R500 will feed one family of 5 for one week. Estimated need 1000 people (supported incrementally over the next month) = R500,000

Masks (3 layers with elastic): Materials and labour : R50 per mask x 500 masks = R5,000

Sanitiser (costing estimated at R50 per bottle including transport) x 500 bottles = R5,000

Total needed: R510,000 (immediately)

Will be re-assessed as situation unfolds and support from Government becomes known

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