Malealea Development Trust

Promoting Education & Development in Our Community and Beyond

The Malealea Development Trust is a local organization that works tirelessly in our community to build a better tomorrow. It was founded in 2002 by the Malealea Lodge. Our sole focus is sustainable development of this community we call home.

Our team is the backbone of our work. All of our staff is intimately connected to this community. They understand the people and the problems here, and are the greatest resource for implementing the solutions.

Tello Moeketse – Project Director

Tello has been working with the Trust since its inception in 2003. His specialty is agricultural techniques, and before joining the Trust he was a supervisor of agricultural development projects. He spent time as a board member and a trustee until he began working for the Trust full-time in 2012.


Name: Malealea Development Trust

Bank Name: First National Bank

Account Number: 62504103417

Swift Code (this is also called the IBAN number or Clearing Code): FIRNLSMX

Manthabiseng Mokala – Office Administrator & Bookkeeper

Manthabiseng began working with the Trust as a fieldworker collecting data about various projects in 2011. She now runs the office and maintains the budget. She is also a treasure-trove of Trust knowledge and the go-to person for any colleague’s questions.

Maphakiso Kelepa – Social Care Worker

Maphakiso began working with the Trust in 2009. She personally monitors the cases of the 31 orphaned children in the area. She checks in with their schools and caretakers to make sure proper care is being taken physically, mentally, and emotionally. She cares deeply for each child.

Mateke Rakojoana – Project Coordinator and Scholarship Officer

Mateke’s secondary education was sponsored by the MDT and now she coordinates all MDT scholarships. She also runs the MDT’s HIV/AIDs support group and uses her background in education to facilitate positive discussions with them.

Matsepo Lebitsa – Fieldworker

Matsepo got her start with the Trust as a volunteer dustbin collector in her village as part of a Trust beautification project. In 2012, she started her job as a fieldworker and now monitors that project, among many others. Matsepo oversees community development work in 10 villages.

Tsoteng Monyene – Fieldworker

Tsoteng began volunteering with the MDT using clowning and sports to connect with orphaned children back in 2010. In 2015 he began his full-time work in the field, and now oversees community development projects in 11 villages. He also oversees all Children’s Day festivities

Khotso Au – Computer Trainer and Fundraiser

Khotso joined the Trust in 2016. He teaches computer classes in three primary schools and one secondary school, and also runs workshops training the teachers. His goal is to equip his students with the technical skills to be entrepreneurs.

Our Board of Trustees meets with our Project Director about four times a year at the Malealea Lodge to discuss direction and progress. Our board includes Glenn Jones, the general manager of the Malealea Lodge, and the Chief of Malealea, Chief Qaba Mahao, as well as other community members and foreign friends.